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What is the Way Pharmacy Discount Cards Work?

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You might have already seen Free Prescription Discount Card by now. You also might already have one with you from your doctor’s office, an organization, or your mailbox. Genuinely you will have a question that how they work as they are free?

Are you overpaying your prescriptions?

Even if you have a Prescription Discount Card, still you might be overpaying your prescriptions as you don’t know how you can use it effectively, and especially if you have health insurance. The insurance company has a habit of not shopping around for the best drugs that are same. A lot of people still don’t know that the same drug can cost differently in different pharmacies, even if they are opposite to each other on the same street. Prescription Discount Cards are first introduced for helping the people who aren’t or cannot insure themselves, but the overwhelming number of cardholders today are actually insured, people.

What to do with the Prescription Discount Card?

So, you should first keep in mind that you cannot take help of your insurance when you buy drugs using a Prescription Discount Card. You can pay with your Prescription Discount Card when you are willing to purchase without using help from your insurance. You can run both insurance and prescription card and then find out which is cheaper and buy the drug. But, there’s a problem, the pharmacist mightn’t be willing to do that as it will take his or her extra 10 seconds. There is another problem also that the pharmacist wouldn’t want to sell the Rx drugs at a lower price. You should be persistent, and don’t get bored, because the price is that you will be able to buy the drug cheaper.

If the pharmacist is uncooperative, it doesn’t mean that your prescription card is a lie and it doesn’t work. The only thing it means that your pharmacist doesn’t have your best interest in his or her mind, and so you call Discount Drug Network right away. You can also search your website, and search for neighborhood pharmacies that will honor the prescription card.

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