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Strong minds endure without regretting, weak minds regret without enduring:

An advanced brain and an opposing thumb are the two major advancements that have made human beings the supreme organism on earth today as opposed to our predecessors, the Homo Neanderthals, the Homo sapiens exhibit higher cognitive functions of the brain. It is this increased intelligence quotient that has helped us as a race to live well off than the other fauna in the environment. As per recent medical research, human beings use only about 10{ac128aa20063fdc790d2c4c50803e2adb9d80893edda6940904953a2311e4874} of their brain in their interactions with the environment. This has led to deeper research of the brain structure and strategies are continuously being formulated to enhance the mental potential of humans by the medical community today.

Smart Drugs – the next level of human intelligence:

Smart drugs, as the name suggests, make you smart! In other words, they augment the cognitive functions of the brain. Commonly sold under the generic name of Artvigil.

This medicine is available in all online FDA approved medical stores such as RXshopMD at an affordable price. You will require a valid medical prescription to order this drug online. This medicine promotes awakening, and even improves the creativity of the patient. This medicine helps to regulate dopamine production in the brain cells. This hormone is used to carry information between individual brain cells. When compared with the cellular structure of Modafinil, Artvigil has pure R-modafinil while the former has both S-modafinil (left-handed) and R-modafinil (right-handed) enantiomers. Owing to the stimulating nature of this smart drug, these products undergo a long process of testing, monitoring, and research before being sold on the market. Recently, these drugs have yielded successful results for patients with aging dementia. The memory, concentration and thinking capacity has shown tenfold improvement post administration

Usage guidelines:

Artvigil is the cheapest form of smart drugs that is light on the pocket without sacrificing quality. On an average, it costs 10{ac128aa20063fdc790d2c4c50803e2adb9d80893edda6940904953a2311e4874} lesser than its modafinil counterpart in the USA. It also happens to be the mildest version of smart drugs in the class. This drug is available in white 150 mg tablets in the market. They are characterized by a split that goes through the middle of the body of the tablet. In other words, it can be divided into two halves of 75 mg each. Always consult your doctor and share your medical history before starting to use this product. This reduces the chances of negative interactions with the body. Some of the common side effects include a headache, dizziness, dry mouth, insomnia, nausea and/or a sense of euphoria. On rare occasions, you might experience extreme side effects such as confusion, anxiety, paranoia, skin irritations, and extreme thirst. These side effects are rarely exhibited after a single use. It generally takes a week of constant use for side effects, if any, to appear. Strictly follow the dosage instructions on the label or as recommended by your physician. During pregnancy or lactation, avoid using this drug completely to prevent any negative side effects to be passed on to the baby.


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