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Planning Your School’s Fundraisers Properly

Fundraising can be a great way to connect with the community of students, parents, and teachers in and around the school while trying to raise money for the causes of the school. However, fundraising can prove to be a hectic task, especially if you are trying to raise a certain amount for the school. There are several crowdfunding sites in India that specialize in the education sector. Let’s talk about how you can plan properly for your school’s fundraisers.

  1. Planning – Organising any event requires thorough planning. A big fundraiser event requires several months of planning ahead in order to make everything right. For example, if you want to hold the fundraiser in winter, you should start planning for it by autumn. This will help you sort the logistics clearly and schedule everything else.
  2. Creating a team – To help with initially, create a team of three to five volunteers, preferably who have worked with fundraisers previously? You can also send out friendly emails to the parents asking if they would be interested in volunteering. There should be three type of volunteers involved with the fundraiser. A people person, who  will be in charge of all kinds of communication. A person responsible for looking after finance. They will help to collect the donations and keep track of accounts for the fundraiser. Lastly, a taskmaster is needed who would oversee the whole process and will be in charge of keeping deadlines and all volunteers in track.
  3. Identify the goal – It is important for you to identify the end goal of the fundraiser. If you are clear about what you are looking for, it will be easier for you to create a fundraiser accordingly. This means you will be able to chart out a proper budget and have a transparent process throughout for everyone to see.
  4. Make a deadline – Once the volunteers are assembled and the goal is identified, you need to create a task list for groups with deadlines. Prioritize important tasks first and then get each task done one by one. The biggest benefit of this method is that the volunteers will actually enjoy the process instead of constantly feeling pressured.
  5. Choose a fundraiser type – There are mainly two types of fundraisers, sales and event. The sales fundraiser brings in money quickly with lesser effort. But it does not necessarily bring big amounts and there is a lot less community feel to it. Event fundraiser, on the other hand, can be tedious to organize. But it brings more people from the community closer together and a chance of raising money is more. You need to choose what kind of fundraiser you want to do based on your resources and your need.
  6. Communication is the key – Maintain good communication with every team member throughout the process. Make sure everyone is on the same page. This will ensure a smooth fundraiser campaign. If the set up for the fundraiser is elaborate or involves a lot of setting up, reach out to parents, students, and teachers for help.
  7. Arrive early – On the day of the fundraiser, you must arrive at the location early along with other volunteers to make sure everything is in place. Assign different tasks to different groups so that the set-up is completed promptly.

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