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Natural Ways To Soothe Bowel Incontinence

Experiencing toilet trouble that leads to Bowel incontinence is very common. Over 18 million Americans have had problems when it comes to controlling their bowel movement at least once in their adult lives. Despite being a very common condition, many people still feel embarrassed and ashamed to admit they are having problems with their bowel movements. This results in fecal incontinence going undiagnosed and untreated. 

Although there are many cases of the condition resolving without medical intervention thanks to the use of OTC medication, the search for a natural remedy is still very popular. Here are alternative medicines worth trying to help ease the frequency and recurrence of bowel incontinence: 

Biofeedback Training

The purpose of this training is to help patients suffering from incontinence to regain enough control over the muscles that regulate bowel movement and urination. A therapist will work closely with a person to help them locate the necessary muscles and to perform exercises that will strengthen the muscles surrounding the anus. With time and practice, people will be able to control their bowel movements once more. 

Keep A Food Diary

Sometimes the reason for fecal incontinence is due to the food we consume. A food diary can help pinpoint certain food and drinks that may cause the problem. For example, diarrhea can be caused by the excessive intake of coffee during the day while constipation can be due to not eating enough fiber. These are small steps can help people remedy their incontinence issues without resorting to medication. 

Eating A Well-Balanced Diet

Consult with a dietician and allow them to come up with a diet plan that will help with incontinence problems. Now that you have a daily food diary on hand the dietician has more information that will work to your advantage. Be sure to be honest in your food diary and to follow the new diet plan or the chances of success is very low. 

Stay Active

Exercising is a great way to prevent incontinence as the extra weight on your body puts a lot of pressure on the pelvic muscles and the bladder. By shedding the extra pounds, some of the pressure will be alleviated which can help improve the symptoms of incontinence. A goal of at least 2 and a half hours a day of active time is more than enough to help people stay fit and active. 


This Eastern practice of placing needles in the areas has helped many people regain control over their muscles and correct any imbalances that cause incontinence. Some people are hesitant to give acupuncture a try, but for some, it is the saving grace that helped them overcome their bowel problems. 

Ask Your Doctor First

Before proceeding with any alternative and natural remedies that will help address incontinence issues it is still highly recommended to see a doctor first. This is especially important for people with severe incontinence as there could be something wrong within their intestines that only a doctor can diagnose correctly. 

Don’t be ashamed if you are suffering from the condition. Seek help right away so you can regain control over your bowel movements once more.

Bowel incontinence if left untreated may lead to different complications including emotional distress. Seek a doctor’s help to address the issues promptly.

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