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Myths and Facts Related To Hair Loss

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to treating and preventing hair loss problem. You might have heard several people telling you facts about hair loss. Let’s decode such myths or facts on hair loss and balding. Some say hair loss is inherited from the maternal side or the fact that balding is the result of hair sprays and overexposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun.  Some online companies and individuals try to keep such hair loss myths alive just to sell their hair care products online. Other untrue facts keep going around because those suffering from hair loss, particularly women open communication and shared experience can help them to gain knowledge about improved treatments. Myths imparted by a friend or a hairdresser could be less easy to spot and misleading. Let’s bust these myths on hair loss so that next time you hear a fact about hair loss, you remember the truth behind these myths and can take an appropriate action again balding.

Myth 1- Baldness comes from your maternal side

Fact- It is completely untrue that baldness is inherited from only the mother’s side of the family. The quality of your hair is determined by genes from both sides of your family. Researchers suggest that hair loss is due to the interaction between several genes inherited from both parents.  So, it is unfair to blame a specific person in your family.

Myth 2- Men are more likely to suffer from hair loss than women

Fact- The truth is that hair loss is as common in ladies as it is in guys. It may be less apparent in women because they are concerned about the subject and try every possible trick to hide it than men.

Myth 3- stress contributes to hair loss

Fact- You can blame stress for many different health conditions, but not for hair loss. Stress and hair loss are often linked because people lose hair under extreme stress like after giving birth, women experience hair loss. Some people may also experience balding after the death of a loved one, or after a drastic accident. Otherwise, stress cannot make you lose hair.

Myth 4- cutting of hair promote faster hair growth

Fact- Our hair is non-living, and we cannot make them grow by regular cutting or not grow by cutting it.

Myth 5- wearing a hat will make you bald

Fact- It is totally a myth that wearing a hat will cause you to lose your hair, however, wearing a tight cap that pulls out your hair can cause something like traction alopecia. Your cap would have to be pulled out hair from your head to cause permanent hair loss.

Myth 6- frequent shampooing cause hair loss

Fact- It is totally normal for some hair to fall while shampooing, it is all part of the natural hair growth cycle.

Myth 7- hair care products cause hair loss

Fact- Hairspray, gels, and creams do not affect hair loss. There is no link between most hair styling products and baldness. The main culprit is the chemical found in the hair dyes. Styling tools like hair straighten and curlers can also contribute to hair loss.

Myth 8- Direct sunlight cause falling of hair

Fact- it is untrue, sunlight doesn’t affect the hair follicles as your hair itself act as a protective shield against sunrays to protect the top of the head. Your hair will never fall out because of sunrays.

Myth 9- Conditioners make you lose hair

Fact- Most of the people believe that using conditioner may cause hair fall which is not true. A conditioner helps to detangle hair, which ultimately prevents hair fall caused due to breakage. Buy generic medicines online offered by to prevent hair loss.

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