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Guide of Physical Therapy for the Patient Who Had Strokes

At the time of stroke, a vital connection between the muscles and brain breaks causing long-term disability. Most of the strokes end up with mobility and movement loss. But they aren’t necessarily permanent damages. Rehabilitation at the early stages of recovery is crucial as the patient have no to little control over their muscles that are affected. Your long-term progress from disabilities caused by strokes will depend on the consistency of the regimen of your physical therapy Philadelphia.

Post-Stroke Therapy Purpose

After a stroke, often, patients lose control of one side of the body, which means that one side of the body gets paralyzed such that the patient loses function on their one leg and one arm. The first step of the physical therapy work on making muscles tone and stimulation of the stroke survivors. If the patient didn’t regain their voluntary movement, then physical therapist will work on toning and stimulating their muscles. After the functions returns, the physical therapist will make the patient relearn skills of every day and also retrain the patient’s brain for controlling the affected parts of the body. The services offered for stroke recovery includes rehabilitation nursing, speech therapy, and occupational therapy.

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Benefits a stroke survivor can get through Physical Therapy

After a stroke, when oxygen again starts to flow in the brain, the brain will start the process of recovering from the brain damages and restoring the muscle function loss. In the post-stroke rehab, this is a huge part of the recovery process. The process usually begins within 24 hours after the stroke. The physical therapists who are dealing with strokes will stimulate the muscles that are affected and also the nerves, and prevent stiffness while maintaining circulation. Then the patient is guided through the stages of recovery by relearning the basic movements of the muscles.

Nowadays, there are many physical therapists specialized in strokes and other types of traumas related to neurology. These physical therapists are expert in making the patient relearnt the complex movements of the body and at the same time avoiding any complications so that the progress doesn’t slow down. For a quality life, a stroke patient needs to improve their coordination, balance and other skills.

Why is a Physical Therapist Required?

After a stroke, when someone is admitted to the hospital, that patient should know about the physical therapist they are going to attend in their recovery process. Your doctor can be your best guide, and so consult with your medical team about your rehab plan. Check your discharge plans carefully. The neurologist who has treated you will decide what kind of physical rehabilitation facility will be needed for you for a quick recovery based on your complications and risks.

The program in which you will be admitted for your rehabilitation will decide how rigorous program it is going to be, and this all will depend on your lifestyle and symptoms requirements. Mostly after a stroke, motor and sensory impairment happen, but you have a good chance to recover if appropriate stimulation and support is given to you in time.

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