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Fast Facts About Radiesse Everyone Should Know

Following are some facts about Radiesse that one should know as the popularity of Radiesse is increasing and more people are enquiring about Radiesse NYC.

  • Radiesse is a cosmetic skin treatment in which it is injected in the specific areas of the face and hands to fill the areas.
  • Natural collagen of the body gets stimulated by it, wrinkles get filled for a long term and through the process new collagen develops in the skin.
  • If there are wrinkles and fold around one’s mouth and nose and there are areas that have fat loss in the face, Radiesse treatment is done on them. Even if someone has lost volumes at the back of the hand, this treatment can be used on them.
  • Radiesse treatment is done mostly on the people who are 35 years old to 65 years old.

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Safety of The Treatment

  • Though treatment through Radiesse isn’t hypoallergenic or nontoxic, still there are a few risks involved with the treatment.
  • There are a few side-effects, and they are a pain, swelling, redness, itching, infection and bruising at the site of the injection.
  • In rare cases, if accidentally the injection is pushed over a blood vessel, it might cause severe side effects and these side effects can be permanent.
  • On other risks, nodules can be formed on the backs of the hands that can only be treated with surgery or steroids.

The convenience of The Treatment

  • Just after the Radiesse treatment, one can immediately go to their home.
  • It takes around 15 minutes for the treatment.
  • Only trained and qualified Radiesse provider should perform Radiesse treatment.
  • Normal routine duties can be performed just after the Radiesse treatment. But you will have to restrict your strenuous activities to a minimum, and you have to stay away from direct sun exposure for some time.

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