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Different Signs and Causes of Your Depression

While in depression a person may always remain sad, lose interest in almost everything and also his motivation level remains extremely low. Sadness and any such low feeling can occur in a normal person too, in our day to day life due to any sad event but soon people can move on and become normal again. However, if the feeling of low continues for months and even more than that then it is an indication of depression.

Depression has become a very commonly occurring problem nowadays. In USA, many people suffer from depression due to stress in their professional as well as their personal life. You can also find various books about depression in the market.

Various signs of depression:

There are psychological as well as physical symptoms that you can notice when a person is suffering from depression. Following are few psychological symptoms:

  1. The affected person may feel miserable. During most part of the day such misery remains with varying degree. This may continue for weeks.
  2. Suffers lack of interest in all day to day activities.
  3. Inefficient in thinking due to lack of concentration, as a result find difficulty to sort out problem or take any decision.
  4. Always have unpleasant thoughts, feeling of guilty, worthlessness
  5. Often get the feeling that it will be better off to die or sometimes try to harm themselves

Following are physical symptoms usually observed:

  1. Loss of appetite together with excessive weight loss
  2. Lack of interest in sex too.
  3. Total loss of energy and always remains physically inactive.
  4. Do not get sufficient sleep despite getting exhausted. During sleep, feeling of restlessness and gets up early in the morning much before the usual time. For some people, it may be just reverse too, where the person may sleep lot more than his usual sleep routine.
  5. Slowed speech and activity

What can cause depression?

There is no definite cause established for the reasons of depression however some of the following factors can be cause of depression:

  1. Genetic factor
  2. Stressful life
  3. Individual personality
  4. Physical illness

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