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5 Tips to Raise Kidney Transplantation Funds Quickly

Crowdfunding in India has proved its way to be the most successful alternative for people looking to fund their medical expenses. Whether cancer patients, child needs, medical emergencies or transplant. Impact Guru has till date helped raise funds for 1500+ transplant patients and raised 150+ crores for donors from across 100+ countries. There is no doubt that a fundraiser in India has helped save the lives of thousands in need of urgent funds. Of course, there are factors which have led to the popularity of crowdfunding but this article will talk about tips you can use to raise funds for kidney transplantation.

Around 1.6 lakh patients wait for a renal transplant in India annually. Out of this number, a lot of patients are unable to fund their treatment due to lack of funds and stress of paying hospital bills. While crowdfunding has managed to change that considerably, patients or campaigners can take the responsibility to themselves and make the most of their campaign by these tips that can help generate more donations and quickly.

1_ Plan your fundraiser campaign:

A little planning for anything can go a long way. While the procedure for getting your new organ is mostly a waiting phase, getting a little information about who you are campaigning with or where starting your fundraiser is important. Understand the process of how to start a fundraiser, how long your campaign would be running for, what your communication channels would be, like Facebook, Twitter, or Email. Who are your trusted people that will share your fundraiser constantly every day? Knowing these points fall under planning stage and can make a valuable difference to the amount your fundraiser might raise.  

2_ Make your story emotionally compelling:

The money your cause raises is from genuine donors from across the world. These donors read your story and get an idea of how urgent your cause is. So you must have a clear idea of how emotional your story is. Pick up key points like the struggle, the seriousness of your health issue, how could you write your story without grammatical errors, how long the story should be etc. When the story is able to build trust with your donors, that’s when your fundraiser stands higher chances of receiving a donation.

3_ Convey urgency through your communication:

Every kidney transplant case is urgent, what matters is how realistically your case is communicated. Your readers may not realize your situation unless you explicitly mention why it’s so important for you to raise money fast. You can convey urgency through regular campaign updates. Constantly sharing updates among your donor circle can create a recall in the mind of your donors and help you generate better donations.

4_ Share your fundraiser intensively amidst your inner circle:

The truth remains that your family and friends are the real donors or contributors to your campaign. That’s because they genuinely care about you and you know it. This group forms your inner circle. As you encourage them to make more donations and in turn ask them to spread the message amidst their friend circle, the chances of you reaching your goal amount is higher. Also, if a donor sees your fundraiser page having raised a lower amount, it might discourage them to make a donation as each donor likes to be part of an impactful fundraiser story. Hence, strengthening your foundation depends on the inner circle.

5_  Keep your fundraiser campaign transparent:

Fraudulent and weak fundraisers are perhaps the biggest no-no, not just for the donors but also for the website you are crowdfunding from. Hence what completes your profile and strengthens your fundraiser is if you attach visual images, real documents such as a medical bill, approved documents from the doctor, government certificates etc. Not just this, a video creates a real-time impact in your donor’s mind. Thus, make your fundraiser as transparent as you possibly can.

Funding your kidney transplant with loans and insurance gets stressful and add to your expenses. However, starting a fundraiser in India with crowdfunding websites such as Impact Guru cannot just take away the debt from your head, but also fund your transplant with the genuine care and love from donors present around the world. Crowdfunding in India works, and it could work for your kidney transplant too!

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